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Marketing tips and web hosting news to help your blog or business grow. How to reach your target audience, get them to visit your website, reduce your bounce rate, and convert them to loyal customers.

Backorder an Expired Domain for your Startup!

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Snap the domain of your dreams by making a so called backorder (a.k.a snapback) of a domain name that is expired and about to be inactivated. The backorder tool is available in our free domain manager. With our domain backorder tool you can list all expiring .com and .net domains, filtered by your search term[continue...]

Make Backups to Google Drive from your hosting account #EasierHosting

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In addition to our other backup options, we have now made it possible for you to make remote backups to Google Drive. We're working hard to make life easier for you. Or, at least to make web hosting easier for you. Now, we have added the option to make automated website backups to your Google[continue...]

Back up your website database with one click #EasierHosting

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Before you make any major change to your website, you should always make a backup of its files and database. For a website owner, regardless if you work with WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, or another CMS, backups is something you need to do almost on a daily basis. That is why we have invested a lot[continue...]

New hosting store in Portuguese, honoring our clients in Portugal and Brazil

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We have now released a web hosting store in Portuguese, for all our clients that have been using our popular hosting control panel but had hesitations recommending our website to their non-English reading friends. Our popular hosting control panel has long been available in Portuguese, for our clients in Portugal and Brazil, but until recently[continue...]

9 Awesome Tips How to Promote Your Blog [Infographic]

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Learn all you need about how to promote your blog with this infographic! This invaluable guide is made from interviews with 40 successful blogging marketing professionals. Get inspired and empowered! 40 extremely successful bloggers and marketing experts were asked to mention things that most bloggers and content marketers can do to boost the effectiveness of their[continue...]

5 Ways to Speed Up Your WooCommerce Store #FasterHosting

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A large WooCommerce web shop can be quite slow if you don’t optimize it. Here we give you 5 ways to optimize your WooCommerce store for super fast loading speed: 1. Increase WP Memory Limit To check your WP Memory Limit, go to WordPress admin > WooCommerce > System Status and check the value for[continue...]

How to optimize Varnish Cache for WooCommerce #FasterHosting

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Varnish Cache is a reverse proxy used to accelerate HTTP speed and is used by many heavy-trafficked websites, like Wikipedia, Facebook and Twitter. Varnish can do miracles for your WooCommerce website, if properly optimized. You will have to configure it manually with Varnish VLC. It sounds complicated, but following our guide, you'll find is easy[continue...]

Warning for domain renewal fraud: Be careful what you click!

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Be careful what you click! The number of phishing emails that pretend to inform about upcoming domain renewals has increased substantially. Share this information with your friends and colleagues. Emails pretending to come from ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, may show up in your inbox, asking you to renew your domain[continue...]

26 Things to Know Before You Launch Your New Website [infographic]

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Are you ready to launch your new website? How exciting! While it is very easy to get started nowadays (you can have your website up and running in five minutes), there are a few things that are worth noticing before you think your website is fully baked and all set to bring you that revenue[continue...]

Celebrating 10 years with Crazy Discounts on Hosting & VPS!

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Launching in January 2005, have now been serving people and businesses with quality web hosting for 10 years! We're celebrating big time and want you to be part of it. So here it is, we give you: 30% Discount on Shared Web Hosting! The discount is valid for new signups until January 31, 2015.[continue...]