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Our installer does it for you

Our software installer helps you to install popular PHP web applications such as a forum, calendar, or a complete CMS, without any programming skills. Our installer will handle all configuration settings for you. This way you can install advanced PHP applications in seconds! Below are some of the sections available with popular scripts:

phpList newsletter manager automatic install

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phpList is a very popular mailing list manager that helps you create and effectively distribute email newsletters to thousands of recipients. This great software allows you to set up web based newsletter subsriptions and let users subscribe to the mailing lists of their choice.

Free PHP script installer does the job

The Elefante Installer helps you to install popular PHP web applications such as phpbb forum, WordPress blog, or a complete CMS like Joomla, all in just a few seconds - no programming skills needed! The script installer will handle all configuration settings for you and install the application where you want it. Choose from several[continue...]

Free Website Builder – SiteStudio

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Build and update your website with just a few mouse clicks. Choose from over 70 nicely designed templates and publish your website online within minutes!

Plogger automatic install

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If you are looking for the latest easy-to-use technology in open-source photo gallery system, Plogger is what you have been looking for! Plogger is the next generation in open-source photo gallery systems. It is a web application not bloated with superfluous features or complicated configuration settings. Plogger is a simple yet powerful tool - everything you need to share your images with the world.


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Coppermine is another one of your good Image Gallery systems used to display and manage images as a part of displaying what the various websites have to offer. It is important that your Image Gallery system contain features that allow flexibility in order to meet individual client needs.

Joomla! CMS automatic install

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Joomla!™ CMS is a delight to work with - once installed. Unfortunately, on many web hosts Joomla installation is not trouble-free. Don't waste hours on installation that you could spend on building your website - Choose a web host that is fully compatible with Joomla so you can enjoy all the benefits of this amazing CMS.

Noah’s Classifieds ads automatic install

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Noah's Classifieds ads is a highly customizable advertisement application that enables users to post classifieds in an unlimited range of categories and sub-categories.

Maian Events calendar automatic install

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Using the popular calendar system called Maian Events on your sites enables you to post up-and-coming events on your website. The calendar shows in full screen interface and can be included within any page of your website, dates are highlighted if they contain events. Maian Events enables you to auto delete of events via a Cron job set up. Another great option available is the contact webmaster regarding an event.

OpenX (former Openads) ad server for online advertising

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OpenX, earlier called Openads, is the world's most popular ad management software, used by over 30.000 websites all over the world. OpenX (Openads) has one focus - to help you earn more money on your website.