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Web Hosting FAQ

Find more than 120 web hosting FAQ answers in our Help Center FAQ available in the web hosting control panel. Below are some answers to questions you may have before you sign up for a web hosting account with us.Read more about Customer Support here »

How to set up your email on your iPhone or iPad

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Here’s how you set up your email account on an iPhone or iPad: 1. Go to your e-mail client and select Other:   2. On the next screen you will need to fill in a couple of boxes: Name: That would be your name or the name of the company if a business e-mail E-mail:[continue...]

How to set up your email on your Android phone

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Here is how to set up your email account on an Android smartphone: 1. Navigate to your email client. If it is the first email client that you are setting up on your Android device, you will see the following screen (make sure you select POP3/IMAP from it):   2. Enter the whole email address[continue...]

How to redirect URL:s with Caps to Lowercase using .htaccess

Question: My website has Caps its URL:s, and I want to redirect them to lowercase. How can I do that with .htaccess? Answer: That is a good question. Many don't know that Google actually considers case and reckon two identical URLs as two different addresses if they differ in case. This means, that if you[continue...]

Can I upgrade my hosting account´s features or quotas?

You can upgrade the different features and quotas of your current web hosting plan. You can also upgrade to another web hosting plan. To upgrade your current hosting plan´s features, please log in to the Control Panel and find the Upgrades panel to the left. Click Add services/Upgrades to improve your current hosting plan by[continue...]

Can I upgrade to another hosting plan?

You can upgrade a web hosting account at any time to another web hosting plan. You can also upgrade the different features and quotas of your current web hosting plan. To upgrade to another hosting plan, please log in to the Control Panel and find the Upgrades panel to the left. Click Change Plan to[continue...]

Can I change global php.ini for custom PHP behavior?

Yes, you can the php.ini file to change the PHP behavior, choose what PHP modules to use etc. However, this is for advanced users only. Our standard PHP settings are perfect for 98 percent of our users. For security and performance reasons we have set some global rules that cannot be overridden by you php.ini[continue...]

Speed up Joomla performance and decrease server CPU load

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Did you know that you can speed up your Joomla website? It is not that difficult to improve Joomla performance and decrease the server CPU load. Joomla CMS actually has the tools built in from the beginning. Any high-trafficked website that renders dynamic content from a database, will use a lot more server resources than[continue...]

Free vs Professional Joomla templates

Free Joomla templates are easy to find and download on the web, but to find free joomla templates of good quality is harder. Often free Joomla templates differ from Professional Joomla Templates in the following aspects: Menues of free Joomla templates rarely allow drop down or similar fancy alternatives for displaying sub menu links There[continue...]

Acajoom hosting for sending newsletters

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Acajoom mailing list is a popular plugin for sending newsletters from websites based on Joomla! CMS. web hosting hosts thousands of websites built with Joomla! CMS and we receive many questions on what are the optimal settings for Acajoom mailing list on our hosting service. Here are some good advice: Optimal settings for Acajoom[continue...]

Optimal Joomla! web hosting environment

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There are a few things you should have in mind when you choose a web hosting environment for Joomla!™ CMS. You want Joomla to have write permissions for the Joomla files and directories. Many web hosts gives you problems here, with Joomla giving messages like “Failed to move file”, or “A file permissions error has[continue...]