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Custom web hosting settings

This section answers questions concerning advanced control panel options like Custom Error Pages or Custom DNS Settings.

Can I change global php.ini for custom PHP behavior?

Yes, you can the php.ini file to change the PHP behavior, choose what PHP modules to use etc. However, this is for advanced users only. Our standard PHP settings are perfect for 98 percent of our users. For security and performance reasons we have set some global rules that cannot be overridden by you php.ini[continue...]

Can I get SSH access to my web hosting account?

Yes, you can get SSH access to your web hosting account as an option for $1.00 USD per month. To get it, just click Add Services in your web hosting control panel and follow the instructions.

Can I set custom DNS records?

Yes, you can set advanced custom DNS records for domains and subdommains. DNS records contain different domain name settings, such as: A records - used to direct the web traffic of a website to another location, usually a remote server. AAAA records - used to map the web traffic of a website to a 128-bit[continue...]

Can I set up my own Error pages?

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Yes, when your website is hosted with us you can (and should) set up your own error pages. Take every opportunity to direct visitors where you want them Creating your own error pages (e.g. 404 Page Not found etc.) is a good way to take care of your website's visitors. For example, if someone enters[continue...]