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Why your website will load much faster with cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting with Ludicrous Speed

With a fast-loading website, more visitors will stay until they decide to become your clients. Tests have shown that as many as 40 % of visitors abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So site speed is crucial, primarily for user experience, but also for search engine ranking. Let's see what cloud hosting could do for your website's speed.

What is cloud hosting anyway?

Many hosting companies use the term Cloud Hosting to describe their services, but question is what they mean with the term, and more importantly,  what technology they actually use.  Since some use the term "cloud" to describe practically every service that utilizes storage outside their own office, some web hosts find it legitimate to label their services "cloud hosting", even though they're actually only offering conventional single-server shared hosting.

Why real cloud hosting is faster

What is cloud hosting?

Instead of letting one single server take care of all tasks for a hosting client, our cloud hosting platform distributes the workload between several servers joined together in a cluster. Functions like file storage, databases, email, control panel, and backups, are handled separately by specialized servers in the cluster. This array increases performance and stability significantly compared to conventional shared hosting solutions. In our cloud, the average server load is kept between 30-60 %, even at times when some websites get temporary traffic peaks.

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Ok, you got it; real cloud hosting is faster. But while you're at it, why not look for cloud hosting that makes your website load much faster? Maybe you're even ready to go to ludicrous speed? Here's five reasons we're faster than other fast cloud hosts:


5 other facts that make us faster than the fast

Faster loading from SSD drives
We use SSD drives instead of HDDs. SSD drives makes your website load much faster than it would from old fashion hard disks.
Faster file system (than cPanel)
We use the ZFS file system with LZ4 compression, which is much faster than EXT4 - the file system used by cPanel-based hosting platforms.
A low-impact backup process
Unlike cPanel based hosts, the ZFS backups are incredibly fast and incomplex thanks to the snapshot-based data backup method that is being used. We know from tests that ZFS snapshot backups are more than 10 times faster than rsync based backups on a cPanel server, which slows down during backups. That is why we can back up your website more often, with practically no impact on system performance.
Five Data Centers bring your website closer to your visitors
Most websites target a local or regional audience. Obviously, the website will load faster if the physical distance to the data center is shorter. That is why we have five data centers on three continents, bringing you closer to your clients.
Smarter limits for each client
To provide top server performance at all times, it is crucial that we limit the resources each client is allowed to use. Many hosts work with diskspace or traffic limits. We have found that a CPU usage quota gives us a much more accurate way to make sure that servers are not pushed to their limits. Our intelligent cloud controller software is monitoring how much CPU resources are being utilized and tells us when it's time to add new hardware to accommodate for new clients. This way, we can fill each partition to an extent that is cost-efficient and still keep a resource buffer big enough to guarantee stable overall server performance at all times.

Are you sure you are ready for Ludicrous Speed?

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