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New tools to help you and your website with easier management, marketing or speed

Backorder an Expired Domain for your Startup!

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Snap the domain of your dreams by making a so called backorder (a.k.a snapback) of a domain name that is expired and about to be inactivated. The backorder tool is available in our free domain manager. With our domain backorder tool you can list all expiring .com and .net domains, filtered by your search term[continue...]

Easily add an SSL-certificate to your website!

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Save time and trouble by doing it all in the same place! Buy your Trusted SSL-Certificate directly from inside the web hosting control panel!

VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Now we are offering powerful VPS and Dedicated Server packages to you that need a more insulated hosting environment than what a shared hosting account provides. Your first option for upgrade is to have a look at our high performance VPS hosting plans. If you want complete control and have the know-how to maintain a[continue...]

Secure Password Generator – Secure your website

Use our Online Secure Password Generator to create safe passwords for your CMS, email or any other application needs a secure password. The different checkbox options allows you to fashion your password exactly the way you want it. If you like the tool, Tweet it to your friends!

PHP settings section improved

We are happy to announce that we have improved the PHP Settings section of the Control Panel. Earlier, the PHP settings were only there to let you switch between PHP versions. Now the PHP Settings section also lets you modify the php.ini file that determines the behavior of the PHP parser for your web hosting[continue...]

Now it is even easier to install a script – Just one click away!

Our unique php script installer available in your Control Panel has been further improved. The number of scripts available has increased to over 40 and we have made it even easier for you to install your favorite web application script. Just choose on what domain (host) you want the script, what script you want to[continue...]

New URL redirect tool available in your Control Panel

Now we have made it easier for you to create a redirect from an old URL to a new URL! Just go to the new section called URL Protect & Redirect in your web hosting Control Panel. We believe that both beginners and advanced users will find this new tool handy. Of course, you can[continue...]

Improved Domain Manager

We are proud to announce some great improvements to our Domain Manager. Now available in your Control Panel, the new features give you full control over your domains' statuses. The table gives you a complete overview over any domains status, so you can se if it is in the Redemption period, Extended redemption period, Pending[continue...]

Pre-Installed scripts with every new web hosting account

As of today, you can get your favorite php-script installed right from start without hassle! Chose between popular applications like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress or osCommerce and we will send you the password for your pre-installed web application in a few minutes. It has never been easier to set up your own professional website. Just choose[continue...]