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#EasierHosting is our never ending efforts to make hosting easier for you. Log in easier via Facebook or Google+. Back up and restore websites easier with our one-click backup- and restore tools. Much more is to come so join the #EasierHosting party by signing up today! We give you a free domain name as a welcome gift. Sign up now »

Add a free Let’s Encrypt SSL-certificate now with one click! Secure your website today

Now you can add a free SSL-certificate from Let's Encrypt to your website with just a click in our control panel! Just go to the Hosted Domains section, click Edit Domain button, and choose Request Let's Encrypt SSL. Let's Encrypt has been an outstanding success since it's launch in 2016, with more than 20 milion[continue...]

Make Backups to Google Drive from your hosting account #EasierHosting

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In addition to our other backup options, we have now made it possible for you to make remote backups to Google Drive. We're working hard to make life easier for you. Or, at least to make web hosting easier for you. Now, we have added the option to make automated website backups to your Google[continue...]

Back up your website database with one click #EasierHosting

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Before you make any major change to your website, you should always make a backup of its files and database. For a website owner, regardless if you work with WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, or another CMS, backups is something you need to do almost on a daily basis. That is why we have invested a lot[continue...]

#EasierHosting Login via Facebook, Google+ or Yahoo!

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Continuing to make it easier for you to manage your website, we now allow Web Hosting Control Panel login via your Facebook, Google+ or Yahoo account.

New Restore Backup option in the Hosting Control Panel #EasierHosting

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You can now restore backups yourself without having to ask support staff for assistance. This is another of our new making-life-easier tools now available in your control panel. We are making backups of your files and databases several times per day. With other web hosts, you would need to ask the customer support to restore[continue...]

Redirect visitor based on geolocation with #EasierHosting

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You can now redirect your website's visitor depending on geolocation, i.e. what continent, country, or city the visitor is located in, to a certain page within your website, to a subdomain, or to an entirely different domain.