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Learn how to secure your website from getting hacked, from identity theft, and how to make your visitors feel safe on your site.

Add a free Let’s Encrypt SSL-certificate now with one click! Secure your website today

Now you can add a free SSL-certificate from Let's Encrypt to your website with just a click in our control panel! Just go to the Hosted Domains section, click Edit Domain button, and choose Request Let's Encrypt SSL. Let's Encrypt has been an outstanding success since it's launch in 2016, with more than 20 milion[continue...]

5 steps how to migrate from http to https for WordPress [video]

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After you have got your SSL-certificate, you need to go through these five steps to fully migrate your WordPress website from http to https. Since we are installing our clients SSL-certificates automatically, I'm going to assume that you have got your certificate installed on your domain already. But having the certificate installed on your domain[continue...]

Warning for domain renewal fraud: Be careful what you click!

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Be careful what you click! The number of phishing emails that pretend to inform about upcoming domain renewals has increased substantially. Share this information with your friends and colleagues. Emails pretending to come from ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, may show up in your inbox, asking you to renew your domain[continue...]

Backup your website to Dropbox – Hosting Tools

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We are glad to present a great new function to the web hosting control panel: You can now easily connect your web hosting account to your Dropbox account, for remote backups of your websites files and databases. Dropbox is a cloud-based data storing service and you can sett up a free Dropbox account here. How[continue...]

Easily add an SSL-certificate to your website!

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Save time and trouble by doing it all in the same place! Buy your Trusted SSL-Certificate directly from inside the web hosting control panel!

How to keep your CMS website hacker-safe

You should not need to worry about server-side security (your web hosting provider should do that for you), but you do need to think about your website security, especially if you use a CMS to manage your website. CMS is short for Content Management System, and examples are Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Here are some simple yet effective advices that will dramatically increase the security of your CMS based website:

Secure Password Generator – Secure your website

Use our Online Secure Password Generator to create safe passwords for your CMS, email or any other application needs a secure password. The different checkbox options allows you to fashion your password exactly the way you want it. If you like the tool, Tweet it to your friends!

Why is your site getting hacked? – Common website attacks

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It is imperative for every website owner to understand something about website security. Even though we as a web hosting service supplier do everything we can to provide a secure web hosting environment, the weakest spot is commonly the doors you leave open in various scripts you use for your website. The most common website[continue...]

Outgoing connections manager added for improved security

In order to prevent any malicious attacks to the server, we have added an Outgoing Connections Manager to the Web Hosting Control Panel. In a typical attempt to attack the server, a hacker would plant a script which would attempt to connect back to his own website or server in order to steal information from[continue...]