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Customable DNS-records (MX-records, A-records, CNAME-records)

The DNS-records of a domain contain lists of advanced settings for the domain. Here are some examples:

The MX Record (Mail Exchange Record) specifies what mail servers should handle the mail for a given domain. If more than one mail server should be used, the MX records specifies what mail server should be used as primary, secondary, backup and so on.

The A record is the DNS Address record. It specifies the IP address of the host. Each host address must have an A record.

With ServeU.NET web hosting you can customize these records for your domain:

  • A-records
  • AAAA-records
  • CNAME-records
  • MX-records
  • NS-records
  • SRV-records
  • TXT-records

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