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Can I set up my own Error pages?

Yes, when your website is hosted with us you can (and should) set up your own error pages.

Take every opportunity to direct visitors where you want them

Creating your own error pages (e.g. 404 Page Not found etc.) is a good way to take care of your website's visitors. For example, if someone enters your domain through an old or non-existing link, you might want to show them an error page with your own layout so that they will not feel lost, and givning them options how to proceed findin what they were looking for, or another page that could interest them. With web hosting you can set up your own error pages instead of the completely no-good default error page.

Just follow this simple instruction to set up your custom error pages:
  1. First, create your own error page and upload it on a convenient place under your domain, e.g.
  2. Log in to the web hosting control panel from the top of this page.
  3. On menu Site Management, click Subdomain Manager.
  4. Under Subdomain listing, find the domain (e.g. that you want to edit and click the button (Edit).
  5. In the list of options for your domain, you will find
    • Set Error 400 page
    • Set Error 401 page
    • Set Error 403 page
    • Set Error 404 page
    and next to them, a dropdown selection list that gives you the option to choose between Default, System (Apache) page, and Custom URL.
  6. Choose Custom URL, and a new field will allow you to set the full URL to your custom error page, e.g.

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